About Us

Head Banger, Dickie with the pigs

We make the sausages we want to eat.

I’m Dickie Kieswick and once upon a time I got really angry. I was livid at all the bull**** with sausages. Cider flavour with…no flavour, high meat content rocks of pork, 42% meat content slime. Looking back I don’t know why I was so angry, but it provoked me into making my own bangers. After all, I love a good sausage and if nobody would make them for me, I’d make them myself.

I started creating my own recipes with punchy flavours that you can really taste. I had a sausage party at a lovely local butchers with my pals, and my bonkers booze fuelled creations were soon being made in my kitchen most weekends as the experiments continued. Eventually things got serious.

Creating the perfectly balanced big boozy banger is actually a bit of a bloody nightmare. It took a long time and an amazing team of sausage makers at a friends farm, but eventually we cracked it.

Things have escalated since and somehow we now have a lovely Sausage company and we’ve been a finalist in the Great British Food Awards and Highly Commended at the UK Sausage Awards. Boom.

It’s my name on the front and face on the pack as I’d never sell a sausage I didn’t want to eat.


Crops grown on the land to feed the pigs

130g whoppers with 84-86% quality pork shoulder and a massive 9.5% alcohol. Even our chipolatas are packed full of the good stuff (and strangely popular with kids). The days of boring, same old, same old sausages are gone. We create sausages with unique flavours for the ultimate farm to fork experience. Sausages with more quality meat, more herbs and spices and a whopping glug of booze.

Made from the finest ingredients and lashings of spirit. The enormous dose of spirit adds amazing flavour and moisture to our bangers allowing us to use such a high meat content of pork shoulder or 100% free range chicken breast. We only use pork shoulder as we believe it’s the best cut.

Our meat is special. We only use the toppest-notch open barn reared pork shoulder from our pal’s Award Winning Essex Farm. For 50 years they’ve raised amazing pigs by using crops grown on the land as feed. This simple process creates high quality pork with full traceability and sustainability. All British grown, farmed and fed and Red Tractor assured.

Eat Better

Big boozy bangers in a bun

Flexitarians, carnivores, omnivores, come one come all. Let’s all eat less, but better.

At Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers we make the best sausages we can, with the best ingredients. Sausages we genuinely love to eat. We are a tiny team but our goal is to create the very best sausages you can buy so if you do eat less meat, you are able to get the best bangers money can buy.

I eat less than I used to. Less meat, and less processed food full of additives. I’m a supermarket pack turner and you should be too. I want to know what’s in my food and know it’s not full of crap. When I do eat meat I always try and have the best and most tastiest I can afford. I’ve upped the fruit and veg intake and eat less cheese, but there are plenty of treats I just love. A bacon bap with brown sauce on a Saturday morning, a late night Brick Lane salt beef bagel, an 8 hour slow cooked brisket, a BBQ sausage in a bun on a summer’s day, a roast chicken with proper gravy, beef wellington, Mum’s bacon and cabbage, Mary’s sausage rolls, a Proper BBQ cheese burger…

You don’t eat sausages every day so when you do, eat a sausage that’s made with the best ingredients and flavours you can really taste.